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Technique reasearch

Since the establishment:

E-TEK Electronics manufactory Ltd. base on the aim of “Innovation and development”, keeping focusing on innovation of the power supply products and grasping the chance of the development of the times, to ensure our products to have a leading competitive advantage in the market.


We have a perfect and professional R&D team and system which consist of product application researching, electronic designing, structure development, product verification, material verification, project management and safety approving, who dedicate to independent innovation on power supply product application technology. Our R&D team has 30 more well experienced and qualified technique staff and engineers in the switching power adapter field.


We are engaging in researching prospective technology,high efficiency power supply application technology, ultra low standby technology, fast charging technology, wireless charging technology, application technology of single chip microcomputer intelligent control household appliances, process and automation technology, and we can provide the excellent whole power supply solution and technique support for customers in long term.


In our R&D department, we equipped with the industry-leading and complete verification and testing equipment, such as EMC Test(EMI, ESD, Surge etc), Multi-Point Temperature Measuring Instrument, Frequency Spectrograph, ATE Test, Programmable AC Source, TEK Oscillometer, Chroma Electronic Load Meter, Japan YOKOGAWA Dynamometer Instrument and reliability testing lab (MTBF,ON/OF,High and Low Temperature Test, Constant Temperature and Humid test, Hinder Burning Test, Ball-pressure test, Vibration Test etc. )


Currently, our product are widely used for household appliances, Personal care products, Communication Network, Netcom, Electric Power tool, Control Board and Security Products etc. Keeping investing in the area of Quick Charge, Type C Power adapter, Wireless charging, Open Frame etc. Products to having the Diversified power products. Our products conform to the international latest standard of the Energy Efficiency, and have passed the approval such as UL, CSA ,TUV-GS ,CE ,C-TICK, PSE-JET, K-MARK, CCC, IRAM, CB, EMC, FCC, and enjoyed high reputation in our customers.


The Design concept of our company is “Quality base on good Design”, choosing the reliable IC solution, doing the complete products verification, adhering to the concept of the root control for the products quality.


R&D capability --- R&D equipment

After 16 years of development, the laboratory equipped with industry leading products reliable Testing Instruments,Safety Detecting Instrument that having the power industry comprehensive test ability.




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