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Provide green power overall solution
----Continuously optimize product highlights
----Create new market space
----Improving energy efficiency and saving resources
----The development of cooperation projects, project formulation
----Standard architecture selection, DIY originality


Provide the solution for customers’existing power adapter demand.
----Propose optimized solutions
----Reduce the cost
----Shortage the mass production time
Provide best power supply solution according to customer’s request
----Familiar customers’detail request, design product
----Provide solutions for customers’choosing, confirming
----Match customer’terminal products to test
----Re-debugging until the product is best to satisfy the function.
Revise the existing power supply solution for customers
----Investigate and familiar Customer’demand
----Analyse and contrast the existing power supply solution and confirm with customer
----Improve base on the existing solution, to shortage the new start project time, promote the production efficiency
----Match customer’terminal products to debugging until the product is best to satisfy the function.

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